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Friday, March 1st, 2013

Village Release – Construction Update

Stage 1, known as the ‘The Village Release’, is starting to take shape with construction powering ahead through the heat.

Construction commenced last year with the removal of the top soil and grass from the entire stage, prior to any site works beginning.

Since then our team has been working to set out the 52 lots, level them, dig out roads, install services such as stormwater and drainage, lay conduit for power and NBN…  and not forgetting the 2m diameter pipes that we have taken delivery of, which are to be laid along the front of the estate to ensure best practice water management.


Currently the specific activities for Stage 1 are the installation of dual reticulation pipes for recycled water and Melbourne water, which are going underground. The recycled water plumbing is coloured purple, whilst the plumbing from Melbourne water (drinking water) is blue. These services will be made available to each lot.

The boxing out of the roads is now complete with all roads having sub-grade laid. It will be a fantastic mile stone for The Village Release to watch the kerb and channel installed and then the roads laid.

Over the next few weeks (subject to weather) look out for….

  • Clean topsoil being placed and levelled on each lot
  • Base layers of the road being laid
  • Kerb and channel installation along the road edges
  • Asphalting beginning to be laid on the roads

Large storm water pipes installed at the front of the estate in preparation for the commencement of the main intersection.


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