Monday, July 8th, 2019

Moulding the Community

Robert Gordon Pottery Event

Robert Gordon Pottery held an exciting event for Timbertop residents on Tuesday 2nd July that helped them to embrace both their community spirit and their creativity.



46 children attended the morning and were delighted when they were given the option to paint either a mug or plate of their choosing. Through the whole morning, we saw an abundance of colours, beautiful designs and bright, smiling faces!



The parents in the room also seized the opportunity to meet and mix with one another and to get to know their neighbours. We loved watching the connections form and are sure that these will blossom into great friendships!



Held in the Robert Gordon workshop, all of their stock was available for the guests to purchase throughout the event. We know our residents’ homes will be filled with lovely Robert Gordon craftsmanship in no time.



The event was also a great opportunity to learn about the rich heritage of the company, established in 1945 and continuing within the Gordon family ever since. It was an excellent morning for the whole family and we would like to thank Robert Gordon Pottery for putting on such a great event for Timbertop residents.

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