Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Hockey Clinic Afternoon

Hosted by Casey Canons Hockey Club, Timbertop children got to spend the afternoon learning the skills of Hockey.

On Wednesday 3rd October, Timbertop kids gathered to  Hicks Reserve to learn: holding a Hockey stick correctly, dribbling the ball back and forth, and how to scoop, tackle and push the ball.  There was also a variety of fun games the kids could get involved in, including  Scarecrow tiggy, Rob the nest and Hoctopus.

The game of the day was “Rob the Nest”  which involved 4 teams on a corner of a marked out square, running to another teams nest of balls to steal balls and safely return them back to their team nest.  The kids were laughing throughout the game and really enjoyed spending the afternoon being active in the park.

Special thanks to Casey Canons Hockey Club for hosting the event.

Check out the pics from the afternoon below.

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