Monday, May 8th, 2017

Construction Update Timbertop Hilltop Release (Stage 2A and 2B)

Construction Update Timbertop Hilltop Release (Stage 2A and 2B)


We are pleased to advise that Practical Completion (PC) for the construction has been obtained for this stage. The Statement of Compliance (SOC) process is underway and we anticipate that we resolve all council conditions and authority approvals shortly, say May (approximately).


Once SOC is issued, the subdivision is then lodged with the Titles Office for Registration. The Titles Office have traditionally taken around 3 weeks to process the subdivision however a new initiative is theoretically reducing this to 1 week, say mid-May. You then have up to 14 days for settlement, once Title Registration is complete. Therefore anticipate settlements late-May or early June. In anticipation of settlements, purchasers are encouraged to check their finance approval are in place.


  • For your bank approvals, Valuers can access the land between 7.30am and 3pm Monday to Friday.
  • Builders are provided access to the land for soil tests and surveys once SOC is obtained (say early May).


We look forward to keeping you updated during this process and should you require assistance please contact us on 1300 925 349.



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