Everything old is new again

Timbertop has a rich history.  From the 1800s the land was farmed by the Hicks family, who were early pioneers in the Officer area.


The land was used for dairy farming, apple orchards and more recently beef cattle. The Hicks family also owned extensive farming land on both sides of the Princes Highway.


The rear 10 acres of Timbertop Estate was an apple orchard for many years. The rest of the land was dedicated to dairy farming. There were two dairies used to milk the cows on the Hicks land, one of which was located on the present day Timbertop.


James Hicks moved to Officer from Echuca with his parents as a young boy. James met and married Mable Rix who also moved to Officer from Hawthorn where her family farmed violets. John their son still lives on the back corner behind Timbertop with his family, now fourth generation farmers of the land, where they continue to farm beef cattle today.

The Hicks and Rix families owned much of the land in Officer. Neighbouring the Hicks property was Hedgevale farm; a prosperous dairy farm purchased by H.J Rix in 1890 which was turned into a 50 acre Orchard in 1911. In 1920 it was divided into three smaller farms. The homestead still there today, is an early example of brickworks in Officer.


Across the road, the pottery, now known as Berwick Pottery, manufactured clay bricks post WW1. It was later leased to James Wells who made terracotta roof tiles. In the 1960’s the site was leased to Berwick Potteries and eventually sold to them. Whilst they no longer manufacture tiles, they still manufacture landscaping pavers and flower pots, however production in the old historic kiln ceased in 2001.


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